Sunday, December 30, 2007

Town Branch neighbors to meet at 10 a.m. January 12, 2008

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Dec. 30 2007, Aspen Ridge story in NWA TIMES

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Anonymous said...

Do you really think the Aspen Ridge site will ever be revegetated to the point that it actually helps reduce climate change?

I might show up at the silly meeting just to ask what "green-building" requirements will be met by their "student apartments."

It will take a century to replace the vegetation that stood on the land sucking up carbon dioxide. And that won't happen in a century unless the proposed buildings fall down in 50 years and are removed and the topsoil is brought back and trees planted!

primitive trail hiker said...

I used to hike the railroad to get to the best part of that land until the land was cleared. I had taken my wife a few times and she loved those secluded woods with little streams running through them and a lot of wild flowers. I took her there while it was being cleared and she almost threw up. You had to have known that the streets that border Aspen Ridge were going to become a part of the Heritage Trail. Coudn't you get the Cherokee Nation or the civil-war reeanactors or the Butterfield Stage buffs to help stop that Assrid project before it began? Not much to see there now for the people who follow the Heritage Trail and all the Indian relics and such got buried or dug out and hauled off a couple of years ago. That would have made a great park on the Heritage Trail if you had gotten the project stopped.

Anonymous said...

All you people think about is the past. The population has grown and everyone deserves a high-dollar apartment within walking distance of Dickson Street.

Anonymous said...

The students in the Asrid apartments won't walk to the HPER building or to class. They might walk home from Dickson Street but only if someone steals their car keys!