Friday, December 14, 2007

Senate passes energy bill!

View of Verbesina virginica, one of several species of plants known as frostweed. The ice crystals form on cold, clear mornings as water freezes and spreads from leaves that grow tightly around the stem. This is one of an endless list of phenomena that depend a normal winter climate in North America.

The U.S. Senate passed an energy bill. Details to come.

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on energy bill

It doesn't go far enough. But it takes us farther than we've ever been before.
Posted by Aubrey James Shepherd

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Anonymous said...

Weird but compelling: Your compulsion to mix news items with unrelated but beautiful photographs. My friend who once made pictures for a newspaper said the editors called that wild art. Wild is right. I have never seen that whatchamacallit in my yard.