Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year from World Peace Wetland Prairie

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Top photo
A winter-blooming flower gives a special spot of color to the butterfly garden near the entryway to World Peace Wetland Prairie in south Fayetteville, Arkansas. The rock wall of the butterfly garden and the nearby circle of stone benches were created by Curt Richardson in memory of Elleya Richardson, the late daughter of Jennifer Creel and Curt Richardson.
Second photo and bottom photo
The final sunset of 2007 on a thicket near the south end of World Peace Wetland Prairie, a public nature park in south Fayetteville, Arkansas. Birds were singing and finding roosting spots in the low-standing trees and shrubs as the sun set. Meanwhile, Lauren Hawkins continued the years' long effort to remove Japanese honeysuckle from the mostly native plants on the area. WPWP is one of the relatively few places in Northwest Arkansas that has official protection to remain a place where precious organic soil and native plants will continue to resist climate change.

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