Monday, March 10, 2008

Town Branch Neighborhood Aspen Ridge/Hill Place meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday March 11, 2008, at S. Hill Av. Church of Christ

Omni Carbon caps Task Force – Agenda
Universalist Unitarian, 901 W. Cleveland*1, Fayetteville, AR 13 Mar 2008 @2:00PM

Approval of Minutes of 2008 Feb 20
Approval of Agenda of 2008 Mar 13
Governor's Commission/TWG – from Robert, Edward, or other TWG participants
Arkansas Coal Plants – from Robert
Caring for Creation – from Maya
Environmental awareness caucus, from ???
Planetwork – from Maya, Gladys, and Matt
Reaching out to the Democratic Party and Northeast Arkansas
Carbon Caps Fund – from Gladys
GW lobbyist with APP – from Gladys
O.L.L.I. collaboration opportunities – from Matt
Old Business
Springfest/Dickson St Music Festival – from Kelly or Donna or Matt
Arkansas Earth Day – from Robert / volunteer-gathering info from Matt
PSA's – from Dava / Gladys was finding student newspapers / will KUAF help us record audio versions?
Living It Green Expo
Buttons and hats – more detailed price structures from Edward and another design from Matt
Global Warming Videos – from Gladys
Scheduling the Commissioners for a CCTF fundraiser and a high school education event
New Business
Using Boozman's recent appointment as an opportunity for reaching out
Using the Internet more effectively – need more than a blog
Approval of Summary
*1 From Maple Street turn north onto Storer, continue to Cleveland, turn left, take the second driveway.

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