Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ask Obama to stop offshore drilling

Stop New Oil Drilling in Fragile Arctic Ocean

oil rig on fire in gulf of mexico 
We can't let this take place in the fragile Arctic Ocean.     
Shell Oil says it will begin exploratory drilling in the Arctic Ocean in just a few weeks — even before we know what caused the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. The Department of the Interior should officially withdraw approval of Shell's summer drilling plans and conduct a complete reassessment in light of the ongoing BP catastrophe.
Please call on President Obama to put a hold on Shell Oil's plans to drill in the Arctic Ocean until a thorough assessment is done on what a possible oil spill would mean for the fragile, icy Arctic ocean, and how a realistic clean up effort might take place should the unthinkable happen. Please send the sample letter below or edit it with your own words to explain why protecting the Arctic Ocean is important to YOU.

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Stop New Oil Drilling in the Fragile Arctic Ocean
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