Saturday, March 27, 2010

SAVE the PIKA, says National Wildlife Federation

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The time to protect the pika is NOW

Dear Aubrey,

They're not as recognizable as the magnificent polar bear, but the adorable American pika needs your help just as much. And if friends like you don’t speak up now for animals big and small, they might not be around for future generations to enjoy.

Global warming is melting snowpack and increasing temperatures on the mountain top home of the pika—an adorable cousin of the rabbit—making more of its dwindling habitat inhospitable. That’s why the time to protect the pika is now, before the obstacles they face become insurmountable.

Please help protect the pika before it’s too late.

The pika is uniquely suited to live in cold mountainous conditions and can die if forced to endure extended exposure to temperatures as mild as 78 degrees. In fact, some lower level populations have already disappeared. As temperatures continue to rise, where will these adorable animals go once they reach the mountain top?

I know you care about protecting all wildlife, large and small. From the 1,400 pound polar bear to the tiny 5 ounce pika, we need to ensure we safeguard America’s great wildlife heritage for our children and grandchildren. Please, help National Wildlife Federation protect the pika and so many other imperiled species today.

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Anne Senft
Vice President, Membership

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