Monday, November 9, 2009

Climate Justice members Fasting

Subject: Climate Justice Fast - online

Hi CJF supporters,

Just a quick note to let you know that our hunger strike has commenced, and we are now in Day 4. So I'm feeling just a little hungry.


Overall, Climate Justice Fast! has been very well recieved, and is starting to really prick the attention of both the media and the climate movement.

In the press conference launch in Barcelona, a woman from Zambia spoke out and said just how bad things are in her home country right now - no food to eat because water simply hasn't come this year. She expressed her thanks and support for what we are doing, saying that it was inspriational to see people from the global north taking this action voluntarily, standing in solidarity with those in the global south.

It is very exciting times. and our website is now live - a few glitches still to be sorted out, but it is working. :);

Please leave a note of support and/or commitment at;

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