Sunday, April 13, 2008

If you don't have room to plant an oak, you can get some free ones April 19 to plant on some public areas that recently were stripped of vegetation

Call the Sierra Club at 479-530-8328 to get free oak trees or volunteer on Saturday April 19.

Please click on images to enlarge photo above of Scull Creek Trail viewed from south of Maple Street and photo below of Town Branch of the West Fork of the White River west of the Ladyback Soccer Field. Obviously, whoever decided to remove all the vegetation with excellent bird-nesting habitat and great importance in the effort to decrease the load of silt pouring off the campus into the Town Branch didn't get this memo:
University of Arkansas Sustainability plan

Similarly, the city trail plan didn't consider the city's sustainability effort in removing the big shade trees along the Scull Creek trail corridor. It seems that emphasizing the idea that the trails are only a part of the transportation system fails to take into account the environmental damage of construction or routing and fails to provide consideration of natural resources. Instead of offering a shady, natural setting with wildlife and wildflowers and relief from the urban environment's overwhelming streetscape, poorly planned trails simply add hot space to the city.

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