Friday, February 15, 2008

Would you put your sign up in front of this debacle?

Developers must replace trees

Click on image to zoom in.


Anonymous said...

I've been to this site and the pictures keep coming and I recognize all of it, except the part you photographed from Dead Horse Mountain Road. I pass on Huntsville every day but never turn south there.

What I want to see is how it looked before this started. Don't you have any you made before the terrorists attacked the place?

I always enjoyed taking my horses to the vet there because I could park in the shade of the big trees and Doc would come out and check them right there. Of course, he would make house calls when necessary.

I doubt we'll have anything like that good service available around here again.

aubunique said...

Thanks for asking. I spent hours looking through files but can't find any so far. I don't know what I named them but I confess that after I learned he was retiring I kept meaning to go shoot a bunch of pictures but if I got any new ones I haven't found them. If photos are not named (slugged in publishing terms) well they are tough to find among thousands stored in a computer.